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4degreez.com can now provide you with free e-mail service. You can sign up right now to get your own free @4degreez.com address. If you would like to sign up right now, please read the following information:

Please use http://www.4degreez.com as your sign-in page for your 4degreez.com e-mail. It makes sense to bookmark that page, since it is the logon page for members and e-mail, plus it links to all areas of the 4degreez.com website.

I (the 4degreez.com webmaster) have limited control over the e-mail system itself. I may not be able to answer all questions or complaints you may have, but I will do my best.

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4degreez.com E-mail Tip- If you decide to enter an alternative e-mail address when signing up (it's optional), once you sign in go to Options >> Edit User Information >> Scroll to the bottom and check "No" if you don't want notification when you get new mail on the 4degreez.com account.

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