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a fishing joke

Posted by killerstud
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One day at a fishing pond, there was a fly hanging 6 inches over the pond.
The fish saw this and said, "If that fly drops 6 inches, I have some dinner."
An impatient fisherman saw all this and said, "If that fly drops 6 inches and the fish gets it, I finally have a fish."
This fisherman had a cheese sandwhich next to him and there was a mouse. The mouse said "Of course if he gets that fish, he has to have both hands on the pole so I have myself some cheese!"
A cat was right behind the mouse and he saw this whole thing. The cat said, "If the fly drops 6 inches and the fish gets it then the fisherman gets the fish then the mouse gets the cheese, I will sneak up on him and capture that no good mouse!"
The fly dropped 6 inches.
The fish caught the fly.
The impatient fisherman caught the fish.
The mouse took the cheese from the cheese sandwhich but he saw the cat coming so he moved out of the way when the cat pounced.
So the cat fell in the pond.
The moral is when the fly drops 6 inches, the pussy is going to get wet!

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