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We built a new site with many new features as well as a new location. We are accepting members aged 18 to 35, so visit the new site at 4thKingdom.com. We'd love for you to join us. =)4thKingdom.com is the new 4degreez.com community. It is a site for young adults to meet and debate issues, share experiences, and get to know people from around the world. We have members from the US, UK, Canada, Montenegro, India, Australia, and more. 4Kers are friendly and smart, and our message boards are lively! We are approaching the one millionth post. 4thKingdom.com also has no ads, no pop-ups, no spam, no banners, nothing. All boards are private, not spidered by Google. It is a most unusual online community! When filling out the request for membership be sure to answer the questions, or else your account may not be created.Go to 4thKingdom.comdw034kllse09NetzeroAmerica OnlineGCIANONearthtechtwaveRoad RunnertiiSorry, we are not accepting new members at this time. Please check back at a later date if you are interested in becoming a member of 4degreez.com.Become A Member of 4degreez.com
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All e-mail addresses are kept private and are not shown, sold, or given to any other individual or business entity. Your age, which you enter when creating an account, is used to help ensure compliance of a federal law and is not stored. 4degreez.com provides personal profiles which members have the option of filling out. Information posted on these profiles is publicly available to anyone who visits 4degreez.com. 4degreez.com also stores the IP address that you connect with. Uses of the IP address may include, but are not limited to, identification, detection and tracking of improper behavior, and determining your ISP. The log files generated by the web server that runs 4degreez.com store a variety of aggregate information, for example, the number of times a given file was accessed or how many visitors use a particular browser. This information is not stored on the individual level.Section 5.1 - "Private" Areas of 4degreez.com Some sections or features on 4degreez.com give the impression of being private. These sections or features include, but are not limited to, private messages and special message boards. 4degreez.com does not guarrantee the privacy of these sections or features, although a reasonable effort may be made to secure their privacy. 4degreez.com retains the right to inspect materials posted within these sections or features if there is reason to believe that those who use them are in violation of the Terms of Use and are undermining or compromising the site in any way.Section 6.0 - About This Document 4degreez.com reserves the right to modify, update, or otherwise change these terms of service at any time and for any reason. You understand that it is your responsibility to check these terms of service for any changes that may occur. 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Please remember that this is not a policy of 4degreez.com and we cannot do anything about it, since the law is the law. process_id1123time_t - d.when GT 86400d.eofjames@4degreez.comYour 4degreez.com Registration Keycode Reply-To: four_degreez@yahoo.com You are receiving this e-mail because you want to become a member of 4degreez.com. You need a keycode number to complete your registration. You have 24 hours before this keycode expires. Your keycode number is: Please go to http://www.4degreez.com/members/sign-in.mv?direct=register Then enter as your keycode. ~Four Degreez (webmaster) There is no need to reply to this message. A unique keycode number has just been sent to . It should arrive in a few moments (unless your e-mail service is really slow). The keycode expires in 24 hours. Please check your e-mail, then go to the following link to complete your registration:
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Please enter the necessary information below:Enter the username of your choice: I want to receive the 4degreez.com newsletter with poems, humor, website recommendations, movie/music reviews, articles, updates, and other cool stuff users_ipsign-upusers_ip,direct,ma,kIf you experience problems, please e-mail members/find.datdt,user,ma,findcockni66ni99shitdickpussycuntfuckniggobscenemembers/sorted_members_uname.mvx,members/sorted_members_last.mvx,members/sorted_members_email.mvxtotrecaaamembers/email.dbfmembers/email_sorted_email.mvx,poetry/email_sorted_name.mvxWelcome to the 4degreez.com Community! Reply-To: four_degreez@yahoo.com Hello, , welcome to the 4degreez.com community! Just so you don't lose them, here are your username and password: Your username is: Your password is: The Address of this site is http://www.4degreez.com You'll want to bookmark the sign-in page so you don't forget it! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask. There is also a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) you can check out once you sign in. Once again, welcome to our community. I hope you enjoy our site! =) ~Four Degreez (webmaster) There is no need to reply to this message. An Invitation From Reply-To: four_degreez@yahoo.com Hello! A friend of yours has invited you to join the 4degreez.com community! The 4degreez.com community is a large membership of teens and twenty-somethings who gather and interact. 4degreez.com features message boards, chat, profiles, private messages, jokes, quotations, reviews, e-mail....the list goes on. If you are interested, join us today! It's free and fun! Hope to see you soon! =) ~Webmaster, 4degreez.com --- www.4degreez.com --- ------------------------------------------------------ This message was sent to you as an invitation from . Do not worry, you have not been added to any mailing lists! There is no need to reply (unless you have questions). No further e-mails will be sent to you. 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