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The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

Pride. Envy. Wrath, Gluttony and Lust. Sloth and Greed. The seven deadly sins. Countless souls have been eternally damned for succumbing to them. If you are bound for hell, discover what sin will send you there. Answer the questions below honestly and learn your sin. You may be surprised. You might just learn something new about yourself -- hopefully before it's too late...

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Complete These Questions and Learn Your Deadly Sin:

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1. Check all that apply to you and your vehicle:
I own a gas-powered vehicle
My vehicle is a sports car, luxury car, or SUV
My vehicle was bought second-hand
I really want a bigger/better/faster vehicle
A friend of mine has a vehicle I'm jealous of
It's safe to say that I ride in style
My vehicle is very fuel efficient
I prefer to walk whenever possible
2. Check all that apply to your charitable nature:
I give more than 15% of my earnings to charity
I give between 5% and 15% of my earnings to charity
I give to charity, but less than 5% of my earnings
I devote several weeks or more per year doing volunteer work
I devote several days per year doing volunteer work
I'm always willing to lend a hand
3. Check any scenario in which you might lose your temper:
A pushy salesman won't take no for an answer
A dinner serving at a restaurant arrives cold
A know-it-all coworker or classmate makes you look foolish
Your girl/boyfriend won't stop nagging you
4. Check all that apply to you and your computer:
It's the latest and greatest
It's cheap or old, but gets the job done
When it malfunctions, I want to smash it
If you looked, you might find dirty pictures on it
I spend hours on it playing games or web surfing
I own several personal-use computers
5. Check any of the following that you would refrain from doing, based on your morality:
Spend a lot of money on a house, car, TV, etc.
Date several people at once
Talk publicly about your spiritual piety
Use drugs/alcohol at parties
"Settle a score" with someone who wronged you
6. Check all that apply to you and your work/school:
I work so hard, I barely have time to sleep
I avoid work whenever possible
I'll work hard but draw the line to create personal time
I'm working hard now so that I'll earn a lot of money
"Work hard, party hard" is my motto
If I got a raise, I'd give more to charity
7. Check all that apply to you and exercise:
I usually don't stick to an exercise routine
I exercise to improve my health
I exercise to improve my looks
I exercise to be stronger in fights
Gyms are good places to check out attractive people
8. Check all that apply to your love life:
I hate seeing happy couples fawning over each other
I am in a happy, secure relationship or marriage
I am in a conflicted relationship or marriage
I'd like to date but lack the motivation to pursue it
People are jealous of me for my attractive significant other
My current relationship is okay, but I'd like something better
9. Check all of the following that you have no moral objections to:
Wearing tight or skimpy clothing
Wearing flashy jewelry
Buying expensive, trendy brands
Relationships turning sexual in a short amount of time
Sleeping past noon on weekends
Throwing a punch at someone who is angering you
Gambling, playing the lottery
Keeping extra change when a cashier gives back too much
10. Check all that apply to you and eating:
I eat out most days
I eat out 1 to 3 days a week
I eat a lot of packaged, processed, or fast foods
I support brands/restaurants that are humane and environmentally-friendly
I grow/raise some of my own food
11. Check all of the following that would annoy you:
A low-income housing project is built nearby
A coworker gets a larger year-end bonus than you
A parent or significant other asks you to do some chores that he/she usually does
Knowing you have to apologize for something you did
When people won't do what you want them to do
Being on a no-frills camping trip
My significant other glancing at other guys/girls
Someone saying "a stronger person walks away from a fight"
12. Which of these have you done in the last year?:
Cheated on someone
Lied to make yourself look good
Treated someone badly, because you were jealous of him/her
Stolen something
Slept with more than one person (not at the same time)
Broken something, out of anger

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