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Hi y'all! Welcome to my little poems page ;) I dunno if you'll like my writings here or not, but I NEED YOUR HELP by tellin' me yer opinion, k?(I typed here some of my old ones but hopefully you're gonna see my newies soon)Have a nice day...Feel free to e-mail me: mnjh2000@yahoo.com
(Jan 8-01) Two Lovers Aside
(Jan 8-01) Dreams Won't Last
(Dec 27-00) Lookin' At Stars
(Dec 23-00) If Only
(Dec 17-00) I Always Remember
(Dec 17-00) No Girls, No Cry
(Dec 13-00) Why You Were The Only
(Dec 13-00) I Wish
(Dec 13-00) Found An Angel
(Dec 13-00) I Love You So

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