Polls are simple multiple choice questions that any 4degreez.com visitor can answer. The results are totalled and you can see what percentage of people chose the various responses. A list of all the polls is below.


Should this site change its free speech policy? (added: 1-19-04)

Who do you support in California's recall election? (added: 9-8-03)

Who is the best Democratic presidential candidate? (added: 6-23-03)

Favorite American Idol? (added: 4-17-03)

How many civilian deaths are justified in a war against Iraq? (added: 2-12-03)

What do you think of the new 4degreez.com warning system? (added: 8-30-02)

Would you support a full-scale U.S. invasion of Iraq? (added: 4-26-02)

Who will win Survivor Marquesas? (added: 4-26-02)

Who would you most want to win the U.S. Presidency in 2004? (added: 4-21-02)

Would you ever "subscribe" to this site to help it pay the bills? (added: 3-6-02)

What do you think of US President Bush? (added: 2-21-02)

What will bring about the end of civilization? (added: 1-21-02)

What do you think of the electoral college? (added: 11-10-00)

Which presidential candidate do you support? (added: 3-1-00)

What do you find the most fearful? (added: 1-31-00)

What are your feelings on marijuana? (added: 1-20-00)

How do you best express yourself artistically? (added: 1-18-00)

What is your favorite genre of music? (added: 1-10-00)

What is your favorite fast food place? (added: 1-10-00)

Do you support the NATO air strikes in Kosovo? (added: 3-30-99)

Things that make you go "hmmm" (added: 3-10-99)

Which of your five senses would you give up for fifty million dollars? (added: 2-18-99)

Do you believe in love at first sight? (added: 2-9-99)

What is your favorite season? (added: 2-4-99)

What is your favorite section of 4degreez.com? (added: 2-2-99)

What is the smallest amount of money you will stop to pick up on the sidewalk? (added: 1-31-99)

What are your feelings on abortion? (added: 1-26-99)

Do you believe in God? (added: 1-25-99)

Are you concerned about the Y2K computer problem? (added: 1-25-99)