Other Stuff on 4degreez.com

But wait, there's more... You may have seen our jokes and quotes, browsed the poetry, and perhaps taken the personality disorder test. But there is some other random stuff lurking about.

Like this Orion Application Server beginners tutorial. Get yourself up and running in no time.

There are active psychological disorder forums if you need them, although the base 4degreez community has moved over to this new site.

There is a tiny section on free thought, with just a couple articles up, including a rebuttal of Kent Hovind's creationist writings. Hovind, as of this writing, is now in jail on tax evasion charges, incidentally.

The Advice Bunny still lives on. He's been around for over a decade. There's more... we play host to things like a nine inch nails site, baby information blog, a hypochondria test, a seven deadly sins quiz, and more.. can't keep track of it all really.